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Our business stems from the usual collector turned dealer scenario. As our own collections grew, it became obvious we needed to redistribute some items in order to make space to buy new treasures to feed our own habit. Buying to sell seemed the natural progression from this. However, although we have been involved in buying and selling for some years, it took some time for us to decide to establish an online presence.

We do not specialise in any particular area, but our interests do influence our stock purchases to a degree. You will find our stock includes a varied mix of unusual antique, interesting vintage and stylish contemporary objects that would suit many different settings.

Our key criteria is that we only buy, and therefore only sell, items that we would have in our own home and believe that if we like something others will too.

We are always interested in purchasing items or collections, so should you have a unique, curious or decorative piece you would like to sell, please email details and photographs to info@gingertoms.co.uk.

Coronavirus - Please note that we are still open for orders during the global Coronavirus crisis, however it may be more difficult to dispatch items and they may be a little delayed whilst the social distancing restrictions are in place. Additionally, you may not feel able to accept deliveries during this uncertain time. We will do all we can to ensure that consignments arrive as quickly and safely as possible, but we are also more than happy to put items to one side for customers until it is more convenient for them to receive deliveries - a payment of either the full amount or a deposit payment will secure your chosen item. We will then maintain contact with you until the restrictions make it possible for you to safely receive deliveries. Most importantly, please take care of yourselves, stay at home if at all possible, and keep safe and healthy. We look forward to getting back to normal in the not too distant future.

Team Ginger Tom.

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