1930s Burleigh Ware Canoe

1930s Burleigh Ware Canoe

Code: CE746


W: 6cm (2.4")H: 10cm (3.9")L: 21.5cm (8.5")

£45.00 Approx $56.82, €52.57

A charming Burleigh Ware pottery canoe, made by Burgess & Leigh of Burslem, Staffordshire in the 1930s. It was probably intended as a small planter but works well as a purely decorative piece. It features a Native American Indian wearing a lavish feather headdress paddling his traditional canoe. It is handpainted and has a semi-matte glaze. The base bears the Burleigh Ware backstamp and the model number 5893.

It is in good condition with minor wear to the glaze.