Early 20thC Gurkha Khukuri Knife & Scabbard

Early 20thC Gurkha Khukuri Knife & Scabbard

Code: CE497


W: 8cm (3.1")L: 49.5cm (19.5")


A very fine early 20th century Gurkha khukuri or kukri knife, complete with scabbard and two smaller knives. The khukuri is closely associated with the Gurkhas and is used as a service weapon, a utility tool and for ceremonial purposes. This example is in the 'Old Gurkha Army' shape. It has a 12" tempered steel blade and a water buffalo horn hilt with brass ferrule. It is complete with its original water buffalo hide scabbard, with lacing to one side and belt loops to the other. The two smaller knives are also present - these fit into a side pocket on the scabbard. These knives are known as a chakmak, used for sharpening the blade of the khukuri, and a karda, used as a general purpose knife. They both have water buffalo hilts.

The blade of the khukuri measures 30cm long. The total length including the hilt is 42cm. 

It is in good original condition.