Framed party dogs collograph by Judith Harrison

Code: CE412

Dimensions:W: 67cm (26.4")H: 67cm (26.4")

£145.00 Approx $184.95, €165.53

An original framed collograph plate by Oswestry artist Judith Harrison.

It hasn't got a title but I think 'Party Dogs' is appropriate. It shows four very different dogs, each with a very distinct character, with yellow bunting behind them. One dog is wearing a party hat and the others have ruffs around their necks. It really is a very joyful subject.

It is signed by the artist and has her label on the back. It is ready to hang.

A collograph is a print where the plate used is a low relief collage made up of paper and cloth, giving a distinct texture. On larger pieces, such as this one, the collaged plate is the finished artwork.

More of this artist's work can be seen here.


Framed party dogs collograph by Judith Harrison