French Jeu du Nain-Jaune game

French Jeu du Nain-Jaune game

Code: CE512


W: 26cm (10.2")H: 8cm (3.1")L: 33cm (13")


A very attractive French game called "Jeu du Nain-Jaune" or "Game of the Yellow Dwarf". It was made in Paris by Simonin Cuny Co in the 1920s/30s. It comes in the original wooden box with slide lid. Inside is a tray - this is the game board and it contains 5 removeable dishes, each with an attractive image pasted into the bottom, matching the decoration on the game board. Below this are 7 wooden boxes, two with lids, containing lots of assorted gaming chips in various sizes, colours and shapes. There is also an incomplete deck of cards. One of the wooden trays is missing. The rules for playing the game are pasted (in French) onto the back of the box lid.

This is a very decorative game. It could still be played with the addition of a complete deck of cards.