Glass fruit charm cocktail sticks

Glass fruit charm cocktail sticks

Code: CE703


W: 5cm (2")H: 11cm (4.3")

£85.00 Approx $107.32, €99.3

A charming set of 6 glass cocktail sticks or swizzle sticks, dating to the 1930s to 1950s. They are made from lampworked glass and were probably made by either Bimini, Lauscha or Jostra. Each stick has a hooked top with a little charm in the shape of a piece of fruit hanging from it, attached with a metal loop. The fruits include a lemon, a blackberry, an orange and a plum, some with a frosted finish. 

The sticks come in a finely made glass vase with frilled rim. The set would make a wonderful addition to a cocktail cabinet or trolley.

The sticks are in good condition with just one tiny nibble to a leaf. The vase is in good condition.

The measurements given are for the sticks and stand together. Each stick measures about 10cm long.