Huge Copper Hot Water Jug

Huge Copper Hot Water Jug

Code: CE595


H: 35cm (13.8")Di: 26.5cm (10.4")

£80.00 Approx $101.01, €93.46

A very large copper jug dating to the late 19th to early 20th century. It has a hinged handle on top and a sturdy loop handle to the back. It was probably intended to hold hot water to fill bathtubs but would be very heavy when full. It is unmarked but was probably made by Bulpitt & Sons of Birmingham. It has a wonderful aged patina - I purposely have not cleaned. Its size makes it a great decorative piece - it would be fantastic as a stick and umbrella stand.

The measurements given are for the jug with handle folded down - when the handle is up it measures a total of 47" tall.