Kitsch Pair of Unusual Clothes Brushes

Kitsch Pair of Unusual Clothes Brushes

Code: CE556


W: 24.5cm (9.6")H: 25.5cm (10")D: 6cm (2.4")

£25.00 Approx $31.65, €29.17

An unusual pair of clothes brushes with wall-mounted holder, dating to approximately the 1950s to 1960s. The shafts are made of wood with nylon bristles. The backs are covered with faux leather with an embossed figure on each. The wall bracket is made of wood with faux leather cover, and polished metal bar holding the brushes in place. Both the brushes and the bracket bear some maker's stamps that look as though they originate in India. The set has a strikingly kitsch and typically mid-century look.

In original condition with minor wear to the bristles but they look as though they have hardly been used.

The measurements are for the brushes when in the holder.