Late 19thC Stay Busk Haberdashery Cabinet

Late 19thC Stay Busk Haberdashery Cabinet

Code: CE420


H: 27.5cm (10.8")D: 40.5cm (15.9")L: 51.5cm (20.3")


A small late 19th century haberdashery cabinet, made to hold 'Safety Cushion-Top' stay busks, used to provide the shape and rigid strength in ladies' corsets. The cabinet has two drawers with campaign style hinged brass handles that fold flat. Original transfers showing the contents of the drawers remain. The top drawer held straight busks, the bottom spoon busks. The drawers originally had wooden dividers in them, but these are not present. There are still labels along the top edge of each drawer giving the sizes of the original contents. This cabinet would have sat on the haberdasherer's shop counter.

In good original condition with pleasing aged patina.