Merrythought teddy

Merrythought teddy

Code: CE674


W: 17cm (6.7")H: 43cm (16.9")D: 15cm (5.9")

£80.00 Approx $101.27, €93.46

A very characterful and well-loved teddy bear, made in England by Merrythought in the 1940s. He has golden mohair fur. and felt paw pads. He has a very appealing face with stitched nose & mouth and brown glass eyes. He is jointed at his neck, shoulders and hips. His body is filled with kapok and his head with wood wool. He has a Merrythought label to his foot. There is a growler in his tummy but this no longer works.

This gorgeous little chap has clearly been very well loved and he is in play-worn condition with some wear to his fur and damage to two of his paw pads. However, he is a charming bear with real character , and he still displays well.