Omersa Elephant Ottoman

Omersa Elephant Ottoman

Code: CE643


W: 20cm (7.9")H: 38cm (15")L: 55cm (21.7")


An early leather elephant ottoman or footstool dating to approximately the early 1960s, designed by Dimitri Omersa and probably retailed by Liberty. He has many of the features common to Omersa elephants - the overall shape, the stitching on the belly and back, and the style of the ears, eyes and tusks. The metal studs usually found on the bottom of the feet can be felt through the leather pads, probably added later. The quality leather is beautifully patinated. He is in good overall condition but has lost the end of its tail and there is a small hole under his chin where the stitching has come undone. Other than this, he is still very sound and still retains his original charm.