Original Watercolour of Father Christmas

Original Watercolour of Father Christmas

Code: CE649


W: 26.5cm (10.4")H: 36cm (14.2")

£155.00 Approx $196.2, €180.86

A charming original children's book illustration from about the 1940s/50s of a very jolly looking Santa Claus. This is an original watercolour painting on card, beautifully depicting Santa delivering Christmas gifts to a sleeping child. It incorporates a puzzle in the form of an anagram on a note at the end of the child's bed saying what they want for Christmas. The solution is written in pencil on the card below as "I want a teddy please Father Christmas". The title of the painting is also written in pencil as "Father Christmas Knows, Do You?". The painting is signed 'NL' but I haven't identified who this is. They were clearly a very competent artist; the piece is beautifully rendered in vivid colours with appealing detail. This would make a wonderful and unique Christmas gift.

This painting is unframed. The condition is very good with just a crease and slight wear to the corners of the card.