Pernod Pastis Jug with Hat

Pernod Pastis Jug with Hat

Code: CE725


W: 10cm (3.9")H: 25cm (9.8")D: 16cm (6.3")

£45.00 Approx $56.82, €52.57

A fabulous bar water jug advertising Pernod 45 and Pastis 51, both aniseed flavoured liqueurs made in France by Ricard. The jug is made of glass with the names of the two products printed on its sides. Its novel lid is shaped like a musketeer's hat with a couple of feathers to one side. It is made of plastic and incorporates a spout. It dates to around the 1980s and is in good condition with minor signs of wear. It would make a perfect addition to a home bar.