Portrait by Stuart Tresilian

Portrait by Stuart Tresilian

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W: 51.5cm (20.3")H: 61cm (24")D: 2cm (0.8")

£195.00 Approx $246.84, €227.8

A portrait in oil on canvas of a kindly looking gentleman. It is signed 'S Tresilian 1965'. I believe this is the signature of the British artist Stuart Tresilian (1891-1974). Tresilian was best known as a prolific book illustrator, providing artwork for Enid Blyton's 'Adventure Series' and Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli stories, including 'The Jungle Books', along with numerous other pieces. He was a member of the Art Workers Guild and the Society of Graphic Art, and he exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts. This is an unusual piece for Tresilian, but his style as an illustrator can be seen in the confident brush strokes and skilled use of the paint.

The painting in in good condition apart from a small tear (1.75cm long) to the canvas, which has been patched on the reverse.