Unusual 1960s Clown Wall Art

Unusual 1960s Clown Wall Art

Code: CE712


W: 46cm (18.1")H: 61cm (24")D: 5cm (2")

£185.00 Approx $234.18, €216.12

A very unusual decorative wall panel featuring a clown, and dating to approximately the 1960/70s. It is made of fibreglass with a textured, rather Brutalist finish. The clown is moulded in relief and the panel has a metallic, bronzed finish. There is a loop attached to the back for hanging. It is in good condition with minor wear commensurate with its age.

This clown is not the familiar circus figure we think of today, but is rather more like the Clown character from the 'Harlequinade', a British adaptation of the Italian 'Commedia dell'Arte', popular in the 17th & 18th centuries, and a forerunner of the modern pantomime. The clown is wearing a costume in a style developed by the famous British clown pioneer, Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837), consisting of a diamond patterned outfit with wide pantaloons, a neck ruff and a strange three-pointed hairstyle. He is holding a string of sausages, a prop often used by Grimaldi to comic effect.