Unusual Mending Maid Doll

Unusual Mending Maid Doll

Code: CE600


W: 12.5cm (4.9")H: 16cm (6.3")D: 5cm (2")

£75.00 Approx $103.16, €87.82

A rare and unusual Mending Maid doll, dating to the 1930s. These novelties were sold in haberdashery shops and provided all the shades of thread ladies might need to mend their stockings. The doll is made up of eight different sized spools of thread, each in a slightly different shade, all fastened together with metal pins. The paper face bears a provisional patent number dating it to 1937.

I have seen versions of these dolls made in England by Peri-Lustre, but the face of this one makes me think that this example probably originated in the US.

The doll is unused and is in excellent condition. It is a rare survivor from an age of "Make Do and Mend".