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1930s Art Deco figure of woman with Borzoi dogs


Code: CE057


W: 65cm (25.6")H: 45cm (17.7")D: 13cm (5.1")

A large and impressive figural plaster group in the Art Deco style, probably made by the Ornamental Plaster Co in England in the 1930s. It shows an attractive young woman walking a pair of elegant Borzoi dogs. There are metal loops attached to the backs of the dogs' necks which fasten onto the chains the woman is holding in one hand. This piece is well modelled and subtly painted in muted tones. The back of the plinth is marked RD 833041 OP436.

Condition : Very good considering the propensity of this material to damage. It has a few very minor flakes to the glaze, and a crack to the woman's arm.