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Large Cubist Pierrot Painting After Juan Gris


Code: CE571


W: 64.5cm (25.4")H: 95cm (37.4")D: 4cm (1.6")

A large acrylic painting dating to around the 1950s/60s. This is a well-executed modernist painting after the 1925 work "Pierrot with Guitar" by the Spanish Cubist painter Juan Gris (1887-1927). It is very much in the Cubist style with its blocks of colour and distortion of form. The painting in on board and is framed in a simple painted wooden frame. The back of the board bears the remains of another painting, also after Gris but of one of his more abstract works featuring a guitar and "Le Journal", images that appear frequently in his works. The paint on the back painting is flaking, but the image is still pleasing.

The size of this painting makes it a great decorator's piece.